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We are uniquely qualified to provide engineered specifications to manufacturers, distributors, and owners of storage rack installations. Seismic design of racking requires specialized custom design tools along with an extensive knowledge of applicable code documents and a library of relevant manufacturer's information. We Field Review every installation to provide assurance of general conformance to the engineered specifications.


We work with manufacturers and installers of all sorts of material handling and industrial equipment. We specify bracing, anchorage, and connections in conformance with governing codes and standards, and provide certification for point loads to foundations and slabs on grade.

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We are capable of coordinating the building permit submittal process for clients. This service is convenient for warehouse owners and material handling installation providers who are based outside of the region, as well as for local businesses who want the building permit process to be professionally managed. In these cases, we assemble the various documents required for a building permit and expedite the submittal process.

Documents from structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, fire sprinkler engineers, building owners, and contractors are all required for a typical permit application. Each municipality has unique requirements, and we are familiar with the requirements of this process.  


WorksafeBC enforces requirements for the use of storage rack in workplaces. We work with local companies to provide engineered specifications in the form of sealed drawings showing load capacities which are determined by an engineering analysis to current building codes. The capacity of storage racking in a seismic area is usually determined by the capacity of the rack to withstand a seismic event. The capacity of storage rack is typically much lower in a seismic area due to the seismic requirements of the governing building code. 

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