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About Us


Alex grew up in the construction industry as the son of a Vancouver general contractor. He has a Civil & Structural Engineering Technology diploma from BCIT and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with Honors from SFSU.

His career began in 1997 with internships and design positions in engineering firms in British Columbia, New York, and California. He founded Lornie Engineering in California in 2005. Since 2011, he has specialized in material handling structures and pallet racking design.


Lornie Engineering was founded in 2005. The focus of our work is material handling and pallet racking installations. The company consists of a Senior Engineer, a Junior Engineer, and supporting contracted services.

Our clients are large and small material handling manufacturers and installers, logistics companies, commercial real estate services firms, building engineering firms, and warehouse owners.  

Lornie Engineering has extensive relationships within the material handling industry, a thorough understanding of the history of existing products, and a suite of custom in-house structural analysis tools. 


Alex Lornie, P.Eng, P.E. and Lornie Engineering are licensed in:

  • British Columbia

  • Alberta

  • Ontario

  • New Brunswick

  • Newfoundland

  • Saskatchewan

  • Northwest Territories

  • California

We are able to apply for licensure in additional jurisdictions as required by our clients.

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